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Related post: Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 23:23:35 +0100 From: Dave James Subject: Quick young AndrewAll this took place in the 1970s. I know what people say about memory fading with time; but believe me, this memory will never fade!I was a 25 year-old Oxbridge Classics graduate - never mind whether Oxford or Cambridge - and a cricket Blue. In little annie trannie the lazy fashion of those days, I'd decided to teach Latin and Greek at a minor Public School. It gave me plenty of time to play Minor County cricket - and to pursue my dream of becoming a professional little scorts in the First Class game. Unfortunately, injury intervened during my second year at the school. I managed to practically destroy the lotitas little girls anterior cruciate ligaments in both of my knees during an indoor net session with a First Class county club.As well as academic teaching, I was the school's cricket coach. Being single, I had accommodation at the school, and was available to coach day boys and boarders at any time. I normally ran sessions for the day boys immediately after school on weekdays and for the boarders littlegirl nude at practically any time - often over the weekend. They preferred a net to Chapel on a Sunday!Whilst I knew which end little girl nud of a bat was which, I had been a fast bowler. I was therefore constantly on the lookout for quick bowling talent in the school.I found one! His name was Andrew; and at the time I am writing about, he was 13 years old. He was a boarder in one of the junior houses, about at the little melissa age of 14 to move up into one of the little sister rape senior ones. That was Tudor House - where I had my accommodation.This lad had massive potential. He was slim and athletic, little tittie girls with a graceful action, accurate with considerable pace. He was good and fast enough to have already played for the Colts XI - three years above his age group.I ran nets at the end of the Easter little thong tgp holidays. Boarders playing or verging on playing for the First or Second XI were allowed to sexy little tiny return to their houses ten days early. Day boys all lived fairly near and just made their own way to little girl cums the little childen xxx school. I felt it was time for Andrew to come to these sessions, with a view to his playing a game or two for the Second XI. I told him so, and his eyes lit up. "You serious sir? I'd need to get my parents to allow me to come back early." I explained that there was no problem - and no fee - there. He was delighted. The first net session came along - no Andrew. The second day, he wasn't there either. I little kogal made enquiries, and found that he'd fallen off his bike and had a hairline crack in his collarbone.At the end of nets on hairless little cock the third day, I was just leaving the field when Perky little I saw him sitting on a bench in front of the pavilion. He was wearing cricket whites. I walked over to him and little gierls hardcore said, "Hi Andrew, Surprised to see you here. Thought you were injured.""I am, Sir" he replied. "But I came along to watch. I thought I might to be able to bat a bit?""I dunno", I said. Perhaps we'll take a bit of advice from the school nurse. What's your tiny little fucks top little sex doctor said?" shaved little pussy His head dropped. "Three weeks no shoulder sex little kids little pussy 12 or arm exercise", he said disconsolately.As he was looking down, I noticed his eyelashes little sex photo - not for the first little scoolgirls time! little teenie fuck They were the longest I had ever seen little girls mpegs on a boy. Then little small tits he raised his head and looked at me. There were tears in the corners of his eyes. "It wouldn't do any harm would it, Sir?". "We'll ask Nurse." I said.He had the most beautiful eyes. They were large and clear, pale blue, with slight flecks in them. They were gorgeous. little boy love In fact Andrew was gorgeous. He had gay little boys ash-blond collar little girls sucking length hair, curling slightly at the ends. His complexion was slightly freckled, especially at the tops of his cheeks and lesbian little april had a small, slightly upturned nose. Beneath that, his rosebud lips were as perfect as any girl's; full, moist and ruby-red. He had lovely white teeth.I suddenly felt my dick beginning to harden. That surprised me. I'd never been attracted to boys."OK. Let's little panty go and see Nurse" I said.We did. The result was that as tiny little pussy he had injured himself about 10 days previously, she told him he could take part gently in the last four days or so nudest little girls of nets.After we'd left her office, I'll never know why I did it, but I asked him what his plans were for the rest llittle girl porn of the day. He said he hadn't any. India littles boys were playing Australia, and I had Sky on my television. I asked him if little teen fack he'd like to watch for a while. His eyes lit up. "Oh, yes please! Do I need to get changed first?" I didn't see disney little mermaid why he needed to. In sexy little teengirls fact I saw one very good reason why he shouldn't. His whites were not like today's. They were rather more figure-hugging, and showed off his pert, rounded buns to perfection. The outline of his boy package was pretty clear too. Though for the first time, I noticed that in Andrew's case it was more of little angles nude a young man's package! Beneath his shirt, I could see his nipples pressing against the thin material. Strangely, they looked erect!We walked to my rooms and I turned the TV on. the little titties Play was in progress. I asked him if he'd like a drink and a snack, since we'd be missing school tea. The reply was obvious, so I went to my little kitchen and made a couple of cheese sandwiches and took a couple of pork pies and two Cokes from the fridge.I took the meager feast into the living room, and found little teen nude Andrew sitting right in the middle of my sofa, and little kds my only armchair was full of books and papers. OK, I naked little sisters could have moved them, I suppose . . .I didn't. I put the snack on the coffee table and sat next to him. There wasn't much sexy little angels room. In fact, our upskirt little legs were only a couple of inches apart. broken little toe We ate the food and watched some fairly engrossing cricket.After about fifteen minutes, I felt the horny little sluts faintest hint of pressure on my leg from his leg, and my stomach leaped. Then the leg was gone. But I glanced down to my little boy mature left, and there was a slight little women nude but clear tenting at the front of his trousers, and his legs were parted more than they had been. My cock was growing, and I just couldn't little uncensored help being aroused. This was something completely new - but boy, was I enjoying it!There was a pack of cigarettes on the coffee table with my lighter. I asked Andrew whether he little schoolgirls naked minded if I smoked. "It's your place, Sir. You can do anything little white pussy here." And he looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a sweet smile. nubiles little nude I swear he fluttered his eyelashes. My little april bigspunkloads heart was pounding. Was he really coming on? This was so new, I little lesbian just didn't know.I leaned little girl glasses across him slightly to pick up the cigarettes and lighter. As I straightened up, I dropped the little sluts porn lighter. It fell between his legs, just inches from his cock and balls. He made no attempt to retrieve it. He just looked straight at the screen. So I reached for it. On the way, my fingertips slightly brushed the top of his thigh. I picked up the lighter, and littlegirl tgp my little finger "inadvertently"ran very gently - just the faintest caress - hentai little girls along the underside of his cock. It was more than slightly hard! Andrew shuddered and an intake of breath hissed little rusian pornpics through those lovely lips. My groin was on fire now. I was rapidly getting really hard. My 7 inches were straining against my tracksuit trousers. He little girl websites turned and smiled, gazing straight into my eyes again. I little ass boy was in little teen pussie turmoil; as horny as I'd ever grandpas little girlporn been, but very aware this was wrong. He kept his eyes on mine, and slowly, his face came closer and closer. Mine moved towards his, neither of us saying a word. I could feel his sweet, moist breath and impulsively, I kissed him. little chicks It was no more than a little 14 teenie delicate brush of my lips against his; but it felt amazing. Those lips were so warm, soft and moist. My balls seemed to leap and my stomach lurched. Then suddenly, he whimpered slightly and shivered. He put his hand behind little teenies girl my head and pulled my face slowly to little angel porn his. Our lips met, delicately at first. I softly brushed my tongue across his slightly open mouth and his lips parted. Soon our tongues free little titties met and we were kissing long and sexylittles passionately.Andrew little schoolgirls cunt took my hand and gently placed it over his cock. I squeezed it softly through his trousers and ran my thumb across the top. He gasped, and said, " Please, please! Take them off!" Before I could move, he'd ripped little vicky porn his trousers down to his knees, and kicked his trainers off. I finished the job for him and tossed the trousers onto the pile of books in the armchair.Then he took off his top. I looked at him in awe. He had a body as gorgeous as his face. little illegal porno It was completely hairless apart from soft down on his forearms and a small tuft of sandy thumb little cuties pubic hair. He was slim, toned, with flawless skin and red erect nipples. His legs were slender and as shapely incest little teens as any girl's. His cock was absolutely perfect. It was uncut and nearly six inches, straining towards his navel, with his foreskin half exposing his engorged knob. It was almost purple in contrast to his skin, and pre cum oozed from the end. I'm cut, and the only foreskins I had seen before had been on soft cocks. This was so different. I put my arm around his shoulders, and mindful of his little pron collarbone, pulled him gently to me.We little girls squirt kissed again, then I began to stroke his little nympho sex chest, just brushing my fingertips lightly across the smooth skin. His nipples now were really erect. I took one between finger and thumb and gently squeezed it. He moaned and shuddered. I sucked it, running my tongue across the tip, little girl clips and he squirmed and began breathing quickly.Suddenly, he little angel loita pulled away. I was startled. But I need not have worried. He spoke for the first time. "This isn't fair: you're dressed!" Then he giggled and pulled at the top of my tracksuit boys littles nudes bottoms. He put his had inside, and located by raging dick. I was wearing a jockstrap, and the head was protruding well over the top. He pulled the jock down, together with the trousers, as far as my ankles. I kicked them off.Andrew gazed at my dick. "Wow, it's so big and naked little girles hard!". Then he reached out and encircled the shaft with his soft, warm fingers and began slowly and gently jerking me. "Now your top" he murmured. That was soon off and littles nude we were stark naked. We kissed again - a long lingering one with tongues exploring thoroughly. The feel of his beautiful soft flesh against me was unbelievable. He put his left leg over my right thigh and turned into me so that our chicken little ost rock-hard dicks were touching. We rubbed them against each other, and it was just naked little boys so sexy I thought I'd shoot; so I pulled away. He looked hurt. I said, "Don't worry. I need a break or I'll little fuck pics cum all over you!"I laid him little bikini galleries on his back and just looked at his beauty. He had his feet flat on the sofa with his knees raised. I could almost see his pucker beneath his smooth hairless ball sac. I moved forward and took his dick in my hand. I rubbed it up and down gently, then pulled his foreskin right back. His knob looked so full of blood it would burst. I cute little nude ran my tongue over it little angel moddels and he moaned and said, "Yes,Yes!" I took the end into my mouth, keeping my tongue swirling across the top, and sucking gently. It felt strange; but little nickel fantastic. I wondered how much of it I could get in there.. Pre-cum was leaking into my mouth and the taste surprised me. It was as lovely as Andrew.I took more and more littlegirls 12yo of his dick into my mouth, and he began to rock his hips, practically fucking my mouth. little gay blacks I ran my hand under his ball sac, gently stroking the tender skin between there and his pucker. He fucked little nude galery my mouth more urgently, and I almost gagged.. He was panting and moaning and I found little russians fuck my finger at the rim of his pucker. girls little nude I ran my fingers around it, then put my forefinger at the opening and put a little pressure on it. His hips ed littles bucked, and he yelled, little val "God, Yes, yes, yes !". Then I felt him shooting little tiny pussy into my mouth. There was spurt after spurt, and each time his cock jerked. He must have shot little nicky cry at least four or five lots of sperm juice. I swallowed the lot!To be continued . . little mermaid .
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